Bus Rules

Bus Notes

Students who normally ride the bus are expected to return home by bus unless the parents have made other arrangements through the office. To get off at another stop, the child must give the driver a parent note that has been signed by the office. Transportation department: 966-2403.Students who don’t normally ride the bus, but wish to go to a friend’s house, must bring a parent note to this effect to the office. Students will not be allowed to call parents from school to seek permission to go to a friend’s house. These plans must be made before the child arrives at school in the morning.


Students who ride the school bus are expected to comply with all school rules while waiting for the bus in the morning. Furthermore, in order to maintain safety, the West Valley School District has developed a set of rules that will be posted on all busses:


Respect yourself and others.
Follow the directions of the drivers
Remain seated while the bus is moving
Speak in a quiet tone of voice
Keep the bus clean and aisles clear
Use appropriate language

Consequences for Infractions:

Verbal reprimand by driver
Redirection - explain expected behavior
1 st bus citation - copies to parents and principal
2 nd citation - detention will be assigned
3 rd citation - subject to 3 days suspension from bus
Further citations -- subject to removal from bus for remainder of the year

Parking Lot Safety

The bus lanes are to be kept open and adult parking is to be in designated spaces. It is so important to drive defensively, always on the lookout for walkers and other vehicles. Observe and honor the crosswalk in front of the school. We require that all parents escort their children from the parking lot to the front door of the school. An adult must supervise students at all times while in the parking lot. Parents may pull into the “DROP OFF’ lane and wait until the line of cars proceeds to the side of the school. Only one car at a time will be allowed to drop off their children. Children must not be dropped off while still waiting in the driving lane. Please drive straight through the parking lot and out the south exit. We only have one entrance and one exit.